Activate US DOT Authority Before Your Trucks Can Cross the State Lines

If your business operates across the states, you need to go through US DOT Authority Setup. This refers to businesses that conduct interstate commercial transports of haul cargo or passengers. It’s not only required by law, but also helps avoid painful fines and documentation that may arise from its absence.

Keep in mind that you cannot start running your trucking business until you complete the application. After filing your application, you need to wait for your authority to be activated before you can start doing business. Not acquiring the Interstate US DOT Number and motor carrier authority (MC) may result in serious fines for your drivers. We know the FMCSA registration process can be complicated. Going through legal processes like these is extremely time-consuming. Moreover, if you are not up to date with the requirements, you are facing the risk of making mistakes. And this will only prolong the period of your inactivity. For a business in Los Angeles, this is unacceptable. Your business is losing profit every day you’re not on the road.

We take this burden off your shoulders and complete the steps for you. Our experts have successfully completed this process for numerous clients. The GLG Trucking Insurance Los Angeles team goes through the FMCSA Registration process with you. We do our best to make sure you understand the process and have all your questions answered.

After giving us the information we need to start the process, you can enjoy your peace of mind. Most importantly, you can continue planning your business, while we make sure your authority is issued on time. We’ll confirm that your company meets the necessary legal criteria to operate not only in Los Angeles, but all of the US states.

Just like any other insurance we offer, we make certain that you’re 100% covered, and your drivers face no problems on the road. Let’s start making progress now! Get in touch with our experts to discuss your application today

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