We are in Los Angeles, Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

We’ve been in the industry long enough to know how it works. Clients across Los Angeles keep looking for insurance packages that will meet their needs and won’t risk their budgets. However, sometimes finding the right option is too time-consuming and complicated. You can’t talk to every company in the area, you need to do business! This is where we can help you!
We have already talked to every qualified company in the area for you. We know the options, best offers, rates, and how you can make a deal to be proud of. We help both businesses and individuals looking to insure their trucks and other transportation means.

In the past 25 years of operation, we’ve managed to earn the trust of the Los Angeles community. And we continue to maintain the same work spirit ethics with all our new clients who are in need of a reliable truck insurance.

Our services range from Auto, Home, Life, Health, Disability and Commercial, to Flood, Watercrafts, Personal & Commercial Excess Liability (Umbrella), Surety Bonds insurance packages and more.

What we value here at Los Angeles Trucking Insurance

We are not just another insurance agent looking to sell you something. We want to be your partner in business and help you find the right insurance solution.


We believe that you should be able to choose. Instead of going with easy options, you should be able to explore and find the solution you feel comfortable with. Partnering with us helps you gain access to a catalog of options available throughout the city. When identifying options for you, we consider:

  • Your business services
  • Your budget
  • Insurance needs
  • Any other detail you consider important

Only after assessing what your business really needs, we offer you a variety of solutions to pick from. Remember, variety is what drives progress, and your business should have access to it at all times.


There are hundreds of insurance dealers out there, but some of them cost more than what you can afford. We know price matters. And so does quality! No matter what insurance you need, there is definitely an option at a rate you can afford. And we have a mission to help you find it!


All our insurance agents receive professional training before taking up a case. They have acquired the skills to identify the right insurance solutions for our clients. Our team is always updated with the latest developments and is always on top of the industry.

We are able to note the shifts of the insurance industry and translate it in the offers we make to our clients.


We try to keep a clear communication line with our clients to make sure all their concerns are addressed. Los Angeles Trucking Insurance Agents are not only ready to provide efficient insurance solutions, we are also here to help! Our friendly team is glad to answer any insurance question you have. Our team strives towards ensuring the highest level of customer service, offering complete and valuable consultations before the purchase.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, we make sure you get the best rates and the best care from our team. We work with the principles of product knowledge, dedication, integrity, and financial responsibility. But enough about us! Contact us to talk about your insurance needs.