IRP and IFTA Registration Can Be Painless

If you operate heavy trucks in Los Angeles, you need to go through a IRP and IFTA registration process.These requirements are in place if you have vehicles over 26,000 pounds and use them for interstate transport. Whether you transport passengers or cargo, there is an entire application process you need to get ready for.

To make progress with your application, you first need to collect the necessary documents. Once the paperwork is settled down, you need to apply to the relevant state agency to receive your plates.

Just like any other legal process, this one may also seem to be very complicated. If you fail to collect the requested documents, you may be facing a serious dilemma. Likewise, if you keep making errors in your application, the arrival dates for your plates will be postponed. This means postponed business, and consequently less profit. Remember, every day counts.

This is why LA Trucking Insurance offers affordable IRP and IFTA Registration Services for Los Angeles businesses. Our team deals with the registration process on a daily basis. This means that we not only know what to do, but we also know what can go wrong. So, even if you couldn’t get your hands on all of the requested documents, get in touch with us, we can offer alternative solutions. We also guide you through the process, as well as help you pick up your plates so you can start your first order.

LA Trucking Insurance is also proud to offer some of the most affordable rates. We charge only a fee of $250 for setting up and processing IRP and IFTA registration for you (DMV fees excluded). If the number of your units exceeds 2, you’ll have to pay only $25 per unit.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Contact our team to request more information or start your registration process today!

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