Don’t Let Your Profit Remain on Paper. Use Invoice Factoring

Transportation businesses operating in Los Angeles know that competition can get tough. It’s a no-brainer, your business needs to grow and expand. But growing a business when the payment arrives 3 months later isn’t easy. Moreover, investing back into business is only possible if you get paid on time. LA Trucking Insurance offers an Invoice Factoring service to help your business out.

Here’s how our process works. No matter how successfully you’ve completed the project, your invoice may be due in 30, 60, or 90 days. If you are a new business or have an aggressive growth strategy in place, this won’t work for you. You need to keep the cash flow steady.

Invoice factoring is a financial service that helps you receive most of the expected payment earlier. The factoring company will pay the 80% of the sum in advance and the remaining 20% when the client pays the invoice. Factoring fees are deducted from the last payment.

GLG Truck Insurance Invoice Factoring

This allows businesses like yours have early access to the payments from clients and make the necessary investments. It grants a kind of financial freedom which you can use to expand your services in Los Angeles. You don’t have to think about making the ends meet, paying the salaries on time or acquiring more vehicles to complete your next big order. Our team at LA Trucking Insurance will find a reliable partner that can handle this process for you.

We don’t find you any company, we find you a partner that you feel comfortable with. This will help you build efficient business processes around your service and make the machine work. We collaborate with some of the most reputable and trusted national brokers and freight forwarders. Our experts can help you with the documentation and hassle you’d have to go through. So, contact our team today and let’s start converting your invoices into real money.