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GLG Insurance Professionals – Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy discloses the guidelines and practices we use for the information that we collect from users who visit our website. This privacy policy is provided for the purposes of addressing an important issue, and it only pertains to data that has been entered on

What Type of Information Do We Collect?

We collect both personal and non-personal data from our website visitors. The personal information includes such details as name, address, phone number, and email address. Other particulars are also requested, enabling us to search for insurance that meets your needs. Non-personal data that we collect includes IP addresses and browsing habits, two pieces of information that can assist us in providing a better user experience.

Why Do We Collect User Information?

We must collect certain types of information from our website users in order to provide them with the best insurance package. Since many visitors to our site do not obtain insurance during their first visits with us, we store this information securely in our database. Non-personal data is collected simply for the purposes of helping us to explore collective patterns of use among our website visitors.

Do We Share User Information?

Personal information provided by the user is shared with affiliated carriers of insurance for the purposes of obtaining the best available quote.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How Do We Use the Information We Collect?

  • To provide search results
  • To fulfill to a request for insurance
  • To respond to comments and questions
  • To promote the services and products we offer
  • To collect payment

To provide notification of changes in our privacy policy or the use of our website

How Do We Collect User Information?

Personal information is collected through direct input, whereas non-personal information is collected passively through browsing cookies.

How Do We Keep User Information Safe?

GLG Insurance Professionals has a strong commitment to protect the safety of the personal information that we collect about our visitors. We utilize specialized software to keep this data secure and out of the hands of unaffiliated third parties. Each of our employees understands the importance of our security practices, and our computer database is kept secure at all times.