Maintain Compliance with D.O.T’s Drug And Alcohol Testing Requirements

Transportation businesses operating in Los Angeles are required to meet certain standards by law. One of the most crucial standards is set by the Department of Transportation. Businesses that operate more than one driver are required to a hold drug and alcohol testing.

Your trucks and motor vehicles are constantly on the road, posing immense risks to the public. It’s your duty as a community member to make sure your drivers are healthy and ready for the run.

This is why supervisors at your company must undergo trainings to discover the issue before it can cause an accident. Such cases will not only result in a financial loss, but will also seriously damage your reputation in Los Angeles.

If you operate vehicles that require a CDL on the public roads and you have more than one employee in the company, you are required to get DOT Supervisor Training. Your company needs to track test results, meet the required percentages and maintain full compliance every day. All this sounds very overwhelming, doesn’t it? That’s because it really is a serious workload to take up when your actual business milestones are waiting.

Dealing with legal papers is always time-consuming. Our experts here at LA Trucking Insurance can help you with consultations and more. We can guide you through the necessary paperwork. Our team is well familiar with the process and can help you save up on precious time. Also, we’ll be glad to give you the peace of mind. Our team will take over monitoring, auditing, and reviewing the procedures. Compiling stats, data and reports are also some of the tasks we can help you with.

We’d love to see you do what you do best; keep growing your business while we make sure your drug test and medical evaluation are set up.