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Insurance Services We Provide

Truck Insurance

Unlock a wide range of Truck Insurance possibilities from our team and partners across the state. Covering your commercial trucks with affordable insurance plans is our mission.

Long Haul Trucking

A Long Haul Trucking Insurance is not a joke, let us find the right solutions and vendors for covering your long haul trucks on the road.


If your business needs transportation insurance, we are ready to listen to your needs and find the vendor that can meet them at a price that you can afford.

Workers Compensation

Find the best Worker’s Compensation package for your team. Cover their work-related injuries and inability to work with a plan that is beneficial both for you and your employees.

Commercial Property

Are you sure you’ve looked everywhere for an affordable Commercial Property insurance? Our team is set and ready to find the right options for you and help you choose the best.

Professional Liabiltity

Mistakes can cost much more than insurance. Opt for a Professional Liability insurance to protect your business from errors and omissions.

General Liability

Your business needs to be ready for any ups and downs, which is why a General Liability insurance is what secures the risks and provides stability. Talk to us to find out more.

Surety Bonds

There is a wide variety of surety bonds, and each solves a specific pain. GLG Insurance can find The One that fits your needs and solves your pain right away.

GLG Los Angeles Trucking Insurance

Los Angeles businesses that deal with transportation on a daily basis know that it can get tough on the road. It’s essential to keep your trucks safe from loss and physical damage. But when an accident strikes, you need to fix things right away so your clients don’t wait endlessly. To battle these difficulties, you need to make sure your business is guaranteed with proper truck insurance. Working with a locally trusted partner is the way to go. And we can help you find one.

You may already know that purchasing insurance directly from your truck dealer can be easy, but too expensive. Your business can’t afford spending crazy money on insurance when you need to be constantly improving the quality of your service. Believe us, there is a better price out there if you are just willing to look for it.

Here at Los Angeles Trucking Insurance, we know that finding the right insurance company can be a headache. We know you want to save up but receive good service. With the database and connections we have in the industry, we can ensure you get the best price in the market, not in any way compromising on the quality.

We believe that every client is unique. This is why we look at your cases individually. Understanding your needs and capabilities, we make sure to find you the right insurance coverage at affordable price.

Remember, details do matter. That’s why we encourage you to contact our agents before making a final decision on the insurance you buy. Building partnerships with clients and companies helps us stay on top of the possibilities. And we’d love to share those possibilities with you. At the end of the day, we want to see your business thrive safely.

We value our clients above anything! This is exactly why we’re devoted to the search of qualified independent insurance companies that will best address your needs. We then partner our clients with insurance companies that are right for them. Meanwhile, our friendly support team makes sure all your questions are answered.

We are proud of our 25 years of hard work and industry experience. Here, every team member is exceptionally skilled and competent at what they do - helping you operate on the road safely! Our team is well-trained and accredited with appropriate licenses. Moreover, they are also knowledgeable of your needs and the solutions we can provide for you.

Our services include Auto, Home, Life, Health, Disability and Commercial, Flood, Watercrafts, Personal & Commercial Excess Liability (Umbrella), Surety Bonds insurance packages and more. A reliable partner to carriers in the area, we offer multi-line insurance protection and security for friends, families and enterprises. The partnerships we develop with our clients are always a priority, where we maintain ethical relationships at all times.

We represent both our products and partners with integrity and quality. So, tell us about your insurance needs, and let us find the most efficient solution for your business today.